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Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya kota
Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya kota

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Bal Mandir School Kota Jn.

Van Shivir is a special and distinguished feature of Bal Mandir and Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya. Students from class VI to X participate in the Camp. It is like the adventure Camps.

Both the schools have adopted it as a compulsory and permanent exercise and it is one of its kind. No other school in Rajasthan conducts it on such a large scale. 29 Camps have been successfully conducted till now by God's Grace.

The site of the Camp is selected after much inspection and awareness keeping in view the environment, drinking water facility, light arrangements, hygiene and security.

Temporary light and water arrangements are also made in case of need. Tents are lifted. The teachers, administrative and ministerial staff have to stay for 5 days in the Camp without any exemption. Nearly 1200 students of both the schools participate in groups in the Camp. Each group has to attend the camp for two days and two nights. The students and teachers mostly stay in the tents.

Activities in a Camp :

1) Community Services :

a)   Works related to social and National awareness like vaccinations, literacy programme, Health and Hygiene etc.
b)   Tree plantation in the Camp area and nearby villages.
c)   Development works in the villages - improving the damaged roads, cleaning of the roads, water places etc.
d)   Cleanliness and beautifying of the Camp area - constructing temporary roads in the Camp, fencing etc.

2) Surveying and Collecting of facts :

a)   Preparing of reports on illiteracy in the village, awareness of vaccination, health and hygiene, promoting of small scale industries etc.
b)   Gaining knowledge on the crops, pesticides, soil etc.
c)   Discussion on the geographical, historical information of the area. Talks on Nature and factors related to pollution.
d)   Flowers decoration, articles made of clay etc.

3) National Integration Programme:

a)   Groups are named on personalities and states. Each group prepares a file on the life history of that personality or information of that state. Files are read aloud by other groups during camping days.

4) Discipline, Entertainment & Cultural Activities :

a)   Day's routine is followed strictly according to the schedule.
b)   In the morning P.T. and exercise and cross country walk are compulsory.
c)   In the evening - light sports and Maun bela.
d)   Camp fire in the night where students give cultural activities and participate in educational programme like Slogan writing, Quiz etc.

Distinguished personalities of Kota and Rajasthan visit the camp during these five days. In the evening Camp fire is followed by a Prize distribution which is always by a distinguished guest.

Students are segregated into groups of 10 with 2 group leaders and teachers as in charge. A group completes 5 activities from the above. Students live in a totally different environment. A child becomes busy from morning 5.30 AM to 10.30 PM. He/She gets exhausted till the time he/she retires to bed. The students come closer to one another and are knit with dearer ties with the feeling of oneness, helping one another. Sacrifice reigns supreme. Lady teachers act as loving mothers and male teachers as guides.


A special practice adopted by the school as its distinctive feature. The students sit in groups facing the setting Sun. Complete silence for 5 minutes is observed by the students. The students are asked to free themselves mentally of all strains and tensions and then meditate and introspect themselves.

The students love and enjoy this practice, sitting in an open field, viewing the Red ball of fire slowly dwindling down in the horizons. Maun Bela is compulsory everyday for hostellers and day scholars observe it during the Van Shivir.

1    Dara, Kota 08.11.1975     to     11.11.1975
2    Jawahar Sagar, Kota 12.10.1976     to     15.10.1976
3    Alaniya, Kota 25.10.1977     to     28.10.1977
4    Rangpur Village, Kota 17.10.1978     to     20.10.1978
5    Daad Devi, Kota 11.10.1979     to     14.10.1979
6    Dara, Kota 13.10.1980     to     16.10.1980
7    Shikar Burj, Bundi 17.10.1981     to     21.10.1981
8    Alaniya, Kota 09.10.1982     to     13.10.1982
9    Shikar Burj, Bundi 21.10.1983     to     23.10.1983
10    Alaniya, Kota 09.10.1984     to     13.10.1984
11    Bal Vidyalaya Premises, Kota 27.10.1985     to     31.10.1985
12    Daad Devi, Kota 24.10.1986     to     28.10.1986
13    Alaniya, Kota 13.10.1987     to     17.10.1987
14    Alaniya, Kota 02.11.1988     to     06.11.1988
15    Sindhkeshwar Mahadev, Bundi 17.10.1989     to     21.10.1989
16    Shikar Burj, Bundi 30.10.1991     to     02.11.1991
17    Bal Vidyalaya Premises, Kota 12.10.1992     to     14.10.1992
18    Alaniya, Kota 29.10.1993     to     02.11.1993
19    Rawatbhata, Chittorgarh 27.10.1994     to     31.10.1994
20    Bal Vidyalaya Premises, Kota 07.10.1995     to     10.10.1995
21    Alaniya, Kota 25.10.1996     to     28.10.1996
22    Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Borkhera, Kota 03.10.1997     to     06.10.1997
23    Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Borkhera, Kota 30.10.1998     to     03.11.1998
24    Deru Mata Mandir, Anta 29.10.1999     to     02.11.1999
25    Charan Chowki, Daad Devi Road , Kota 12.10.2000     to     16.10.2000
26    Abhera, Kota 29.10.2001     to     02.11.2001
27    Alaniya, Kota 25.10.2002     to     29.10.2002
28    Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Borkhera, Kota 16.10.2003     to     20.10.2003
29    Parliya Chambal Rest House 26.10.2004     to     30.10.2004
30    Nageshwar Mahadev Mandir, Nagda, Anta 20.10.2005     to     24.10.2005
31    Rajrajeshwar Mahadev Mandir, Keshoraipatan, Bundi 05.10.2006     to     09.10.2006
32    Alaniya, Kota 25.10.2007     to     29.10.2007
33    Riddhi-Siddhi Manshapurn Ganesh Mandir, Daaddevi Road,  Kota 17.10.2008     to     21.10.2008
34    Alaniya, Kota 10.10.2009     to     14.10.2009
35    Riddhi-Siddhi Manshapurn Ganesh Mandir, Daaddevi Road,  Kota 27.10.2010     to     30.10.2010
36    Alaniya, Kota 09.10.2011     to     12.10.2011
37    Nageshwar Mahadev Mandir, Nagda, Anta 02.11.2012     to     06.11.2012
38    Alaniya, Kota 23.10.2013     to     27.10.2013
39    Alaniya, Kota 13.10.2014     to     17.10.2014
40    Nageshwar Mahadev Mandir, Nagda, Anta 02.11.2015     to     06.11.2015
41    Rajrajeshwar Mahadev Dhaam, Keshoraipatan, Bundi 19.10.2016     to     23.10.2016
42    Alaniya, Kota 09.10.2017     to     13.10.2017

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